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About Author – Rajakumar (a.k.a Raj)

Raj is passionate about sharing his learning and experience with others as he believes that sharing is a great tool through which the community can benefit. Importantly, he also learned many things from the community that is motivated him to create this blog as a way to show his gratitude to the community by giving back some value.

Raj holds Engineering in Computer Science. He is an SQL Server performance tuning expert. He has immense experience in designing databases from the ground and providing database-related solutions.

He has 18 years of industry experience in different technologies from Web design, Web development, Middleware tools, databases, Cloud (Azure).

Raj has worked in several enterprise application in various business domains such as Banking and finance, Web Analytics, Behavioral Targeting, Health Care and e-Commerce, etc.,


The content posted in this blog is based on the understanding and experiment of the author. It should not be considered as official documentation of the vendor products.

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